The Year Long Mentorship program for Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and Physiotherapists who want to accelerate their coaching career and become an industry leader. Learn from Lachlan Wilmot, the High Performance Manager of the Parramatta Eels, and Karl Goodman, the founder of Athletes Authority, in the most comprehensive, post-qualification coaching and business mentorship in Australia. 

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Times Have Changed In The Fitness Industry

Being A Great Coach Or Trainer Isn't Enough. To stand out, get noticed, and make an impact, you need to:

Be Remarkable At What You Do

Competition is fierce in the Fitness and S&C industries. Whether you're trying to stand out in your current facility or get noticed for the next job opportunity, learning how to differentiate yourself in a crowded market and create high demand for your coaching is a pre-requisite skill. It's the only alternative to hunting, chasing, and scavenging for every sale or opportunity.

Build An Influential Brand

We haven't always been an influential brand (we started as a hole in the wall on the North Shore of Sydney) It didn't take us long to realise the importance of influence for coaches and trainers who want to grow their brand and create unique opportunities. When you understand and implement the principles of influence, you invisibly attract clients, strategic partnerships, and career opportunities without selling yourself out on social media or cheapening your product. Instead of a here today, gone tomorrow coach, you're a coach that stands the 

Be More Valuable So You Can Make More Money

One of the strategies we teach our mentees is to sell the result they provide, not the time they give. For most coaches and trainers, if you don't turn up, you don't get paid, which means that you're always tied to working in your business. Learning how to turn your skills into a leveraged service where you can maximise financial return will help you reach more people and have a bigger impact.

Learn More About Our Curriculum With Our Interactive Quiz

Our mentees are able to say yes to every question in this quiz. Find out how valuable the Mentorship will be for you when you take the 5-minute Authority To Coach Diagnostic Quiz.

What Our Mentees Say About
The Athletes Authority Mentorship Program

Sometimes the best testimonials are the ones which come naturally. Here are a few private messages we've received about the mentorship and the rest are screenshots of our students' thoughts on the Mentorship.

See Our Gym In Action

We've seen an alarming trend in the Fitness & Strength and Conditioning Industries: there are more and more 'Mentors' and 'Business Coaches' who aren't in the trenches every single day. We're different. Here is a video of our flagship program in action -- The Athlete Development Program. See first hand what we do, how we do it, and why it all matters.


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Here's What You'll Get With
The Authority To Coach Mentorship

  1. 12-Months of 24/7 Access To Lachlan & Karl.  Imagine what having two extra minds would do for your coaching career. With Lachlan's experience in professional sport, and Karl's in business, you have two of the most experienced coaches at your finger tips as you work through the challenges of building a career in coaching you can love. 

  2. 18 value-packed online learning modules with over 100 hours of videos, workshops, seminars and presentations. Every week, a new lesson will be released from Karl and Lachy to help you progress your career forward. This allows you to stay on top of the course work and never become overwhelmed -- a common problem with most e-learning courses. 

  3. Weekly Implementation Webinars. Every single week, your course work will be critiqued and analysed by Karl and Lachlan. This frequent and regular contact provides you with immediate feedback so you can always be moving forward. You'll also get to hear the feedback of all your peers and learn from their unique challenges and experiences as they progress through the course.  
  4. Your Own Accountability Group. Each intake, we create a group of 4-5 coaches who form a networking and accountability group. Each month, the group is responsible for checking in and making sure they're teammates are on track and feeling supported.This unique chance to connect with other industry peers in a tight-knit group is invaluable. 

  5. Full Access to Athletes Authority, Artarmon. As part of your purchase, you'll get a years full access to train and shadow our coaches, at your leisure. With the Athletes Authority mentorship, you won't just learn how to rise to the top of the industry, you'll be given the unlimited opportunity to see it in action, too. We have coaches fly down for weekly stints from all across Australia and they consistently say it's the best experience they've ever had. The best news is, you can do this as much as you want.
  6. Certificate Of Completion. At the end of the mentorship, we'll provide you with a certificate of completion, and, the offer to be a professional reference on your resume.
  7. Lifetime, 25% discount to all future courses, workshops and programs. All our students on completion receive a lifetime discount of 25%, as well as an opportunity to join our referral program. When you refer a friend, colleague or peer to our mentorship and they join, you'll receive a $300 cash cheque from us. Simple and transparent (just the way we like it).

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Pricing Options

For the price of your first Personal Training session per week, you can have exclusive access to our Mentorship program. We have two pricing options for both a discounted upfront payment, and, a payment plan over 12 months. You cannot purchase the mentorship, you will need to apply for a position (we take our students seriously).




Pay off the mentorship program over two years. 

These payments are tax deductible. 





Save 33% ($2000) when you pay upfront for the 12 month mentorship.

This purchase is tax deductible. 





Pay off the mentorship program over 52 weekly payments.

These payments are tax deductible. 



Below are some of the most common questions we receive in our application calls:

  1. What's involved and what is the format?

    We've provided a list above which covers the main deliverables in the mentorship. The format can be best understood this way:

    Each month, you will participate in an interactive module with weekly videos, feedback and discussion with Karl and Lachy. At the end of each module, you'll get access to watch an intensive hosted at Athletes Authority Artarmon (usually on a Sunday), or, watch it on video from the comfort of your home. You'll be provided with regular homework assignments, set monthly goals, and strategically implement the systems we teach you into your own business.  

  2. What will the Mentorship teach me? 

    We've provided an interactive quiz at the top of the page which demonstrates what you learn over the course of the mentorship. Please complete that quiz for a very in-depth understanding of what you have to gain.

  3. What's the difference between online only and the regular mentorship?

    The online only alternative is for those who want a self-paced experience and an opportunity to learn from Lachlan and Karl without the significant price investment. But unlike the regular mentorship, you won't have 24/7, direct access to Karl or Lachy, which we keep exclusive to regular mentees.
  4. What makes the Mentorship worth $6000?

    We appreciate this is a significant investment and we completely understand if the price makes you feel uncomfortable. With that said, we are the only Mentorship that provides you with both a sound system for business operations and, the skills to be a remarkable Coach or Trainer.

    This is what makes the Authority To Coach Mentorship truly unique. 

    Take Sam Carey for example. When we first spoke, he was time poor and couldn't earn any more income -- so the promise of being able to get more clients didn't ease his financial concerns. Through our trouble shooting, we knew we could help. Within four weeks, we'd halved his hours, without him losing a dollar. He now had the potential (and has done since), to increase his revenue and get a significant return on investment. Watch this quick 45 second video to watch what he had to say:

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