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Our Mission

"We're committed to providing coaches and trainers of the fitness industry with the most life-changing and powerful advice that accelerates their growth to a profitable career they can love. In this way, we remove the frustrations of surviving on the hamster-wheel, provide clarity of purpose and bring the love and enjoyment back to coaching. We'd love for you to join us."

The Overview Of The Fitness MBA

The Fitness MBA (F-MBA) is the most comprehensive, free business development program for Personal Trainers & Strength Coaches available in the country. The program, that used to be part of our mentorship, has been heralded as the “real-world business advice that coaches and trainers desperately need.”


The Fitness MBA is delivered as 52 weekly lessons sent straight to your inbox every week at 11 am Sydney Time (right when you finish your morning coaching, right?). 

Each lesson contains principles and strategies for business success, designed to be immediately implemented into your coaching business. Each lesson is supported by action steps, worksheets and templates to help you easily integrate theory and learning into practice and application.

The lessons are structured like a curriculum, with each lesson being part of a sequential order that builds on the previous week. Week after week, the results of implementation compound for your business. 

Every week, as you implement what you learn in your own business, you see extroadinary things happen. The common results include: 

Increasing revenue; better leveraging your time; increasing your influence, taking home a bigger paycheck, improving client results, increasing sales conversions, acquiring new leads, improving your business' health, and, mastering a performance mindset.

Too many coaches and trainers work too hard only to feel like they are a slave to their business and their 5 am alarm. The harder you work, the more stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed you become. Too many coaches we mentor are in survival mode, not thrive-mode. Our mission is to provide coaches and trainers with the tools and conviction to create a career they can love. With the Fitness-MBA, we can help more of the industry acquire the tools they need to thrive.

9 Reasons You Should Register For The Free 52-Week Fitness MBA

  1. You want better results for your business but you don't know where to start.
  2. You're stuck trading your time for money and can't escape it.
  3. You want to build a business that allows you to become an industry leader.
  4. You want to reignite the spark for creating a career you can love.
  5. You need clarity on where to take your coaching career.
  6. You want to get in control of your finances.
  7. You want help with content creation and social media.
  8. You want a reliable and consistent strategy for acquiring leads. 
  9. You want a proven system for converting leads into clients.
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Your Four Growth Levers

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is the Fitness MBA free?

    We're passionate about raising the standards of the industry and helping coaches and trainers succeed. As gym owners, professional strength coaches, and Personal Trainers, we've experienced it all, and we know how hard it is to get noticed, capitalise on opportunities, and feel like you're making an impact.

    We also realised it's next to impossible to find comprehenisve, effective, and real-world guidance on how to succed in the fitness industry without subscribing to bait and switch tactics, 6-week challenges, or selling your soul to the social media devils. So that's what we set out to develop - the most comprehensive and practical business course for coaches and trainers to leverage so they can accellerate the success of their business. 

    For coaches and trainers who want to take their business to the next level, we do offer a 9-month Mentorship program - a closed, application-only group to help serious coaches and trainers work toward creating the career of their dreams. Because we only want to work with driven and inspired individuals, we use the Fitness MBA to give you a taste of what is to come and introduce you to the types of strategies that we teach and implement as part of the Mentorship program. 

  2. How is the course delivered? 

    The course is delivered completely online and sent straight to your inbox at 11am each week. The reason for this consistency is simple -- we want you to create the time to prioritise your business at the same time every week, because working on your business is just as important as working in it. When you create consistency in your schedule, the results naturally follow. After 52 weeks of consistent implementation, you're business will have transformed in ways you can't imagine.

  3. Can I access all the weeks at once?

    No, but that's intentional. The Fitness MBA is thoughtfully structured over 52 weeks to sequentially optimise the growth of your business. Because there is an immense amount of learning and implementation required, we've drip fed the content to make sure it stays manageable. Our objective is to provide real growth and results, and as you know, great things take time. It was Warren Buffet who said:

    "Some things you can't rush. It's not like you can get 9 women pregnant and have a baby next month."

    Trust us, if you take consistent action and apply the learnings, you will be amazed at your results in years to come.
  4. Can I get extra help with my business? 

    Of course, that's what our mentorship program is for. But as we've found, a lot of coaches and trainers need to nail the basics, and that's what this program is for. If you need help even after you've implemented the 52 week Fitness MBA, then it's safe to say the Mentorship will be a great next step.

  5. Is this actually an MBA (Masters Of Business Administration)?

    No. We use this term loosely, and in no way trying to represent an Masters of Business Administration in Fitness. There is no qualification or certification provided with this free course.

The Mentorship

The exclusive application-only community for coaches and trainers who want to become industry leaders.

The Athletes Authority Mentorship provides world-class training and services across every area of coaching and business in a 9-month intensive experience. Before you'll get a chance to apply, you must first join the (free) Fitness MBA to  begin to understand what it takes to become an industry leader.

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