Defy The Statistics & Win The War Of Business

Most fitness business fail. In fact, for every one person that enters the industry, someone leaves it. The Fitness Business Accelerator breaks down your business into parts and shows you how to assemble them for success so you don't feel the pressure of becoming a statistic.

Get a proven process and free yourself from business overwhelm so you can win the war.

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Business isn't rocket science, but it is a science.

The Fitness Business Accelerator helps fitness businesses understand cause and effect: the actions you take that will have the biggest impact on your environment. You'll find our mentees are getting clients, making money, and creating a career they love, not trying to become fitness influencers.

We help overwhelmed and underpaid fitness business owners

This by the way, is 99% of fitness businesses. They feed like a beta wolf on social media, distracted by shiny objects, and overwhelmed by weekend courses. Their business growth has plateaued, their plans don't last longer than a month and they see their business as a problem they don't know how to solve.

Become ultra-disciplined industry leaders.

This is 1% of fitness businesses. Running a true business in the fitness industry, where you aren't wearing every hat, is rare. This rare breed of alpha wolf feeds on client results, constant improvement, optimisation, learning from set backs, delivering value, and changing lives, at scale. Their business is free from distractions and they focus on only the things that move the needle. In doing so, they slowly, but surely, build a business legacy and a career they can love.

Here's how it works

The Fitness Business Accelerator provides coaches, trainers and gym owners with everything you need to be successful in business.

Program The Mind For Leadership

Success in business is the result of a mind engineered for leadership and entrepreneurship. Your mental model is responsible for your identity, self-belief and awareness. A mind programmed for leadership avoids delusion and distractions and pays attention to cause and effect. Productivity and results are the metrics of success.

Follow A Proven Strategy

Without a proven strategy, even the most adept fitness businesses owners are sucked in by impulse and distracted by shiny objects. The Fitness Business Accelerator lays out a step-by-step plan to successfully grow and scale your fitness business.

Build Your Business Asset

Most fitness businesses only have one product or service, and it relies solely on the coach/trainer to deliver it. Having a business asset, that takes your clients on a journey where trust is built and information is strategically shared, helps your prospects see you as the only viable solution to their most significant problem. Once your business asset is built, it continues to make you money over time, and become more valuable.

Launch, Market & Scale

Most fitness business owners do not know how to launch, market and scale their products and services. They do not understand how to maximise organic and paid traffic, they aren't experts at Facebook ads, creating conversion funnels, or selling to clients over the phone. These hurdles stop fitness business owners from ever feeling like they are running a real business.

The Strategy Is Battle Tested With Proven Results

Our Fitness Business Accelerator doesn't incentivise you with certificates on completion and it doesn't promise you will become a Fitness Influencer. It rewards you with real business results: Customers, growth, profit self-improvement and success.

Gyms Expanded

In the last year, we've helped 5 gym owners expand their facility, going from garage set-ups to full-scale gym operations with staff, employees and full business systems.

Businesses Started

Since we launched the Fitness Business Accelerator, we have helped over 60 fitness professionals launch successful businesses and leave their underpaid jobs.

Made In Sales

In 2018 alone, over $5 million dollars was made in revenue between our students.

We Teach Business From A-Z

Most mentorships and courses teach incomplete skills - like optimising sales, or mastering marketing. This creates disjointed systems and confused business owners who don't understand the whole picture. To succeed in business, you need to understand business from A-Z, and how systems, ideas and principles are interconnected like a complex web. Neglect one element, and the business falls apart.

1. The Mental Model of Leadership 

Purpose, Self-Belief, Discipline & Ownership

2. Mental Acuity

Planning, Prioritisation, Problem-Solving & Decision-Making

3. Principles of Business

Failure vs Feedback, Re-Iteration, Values, Long-Term Projection, Constant Improvement, Growth Levers

4. Building Your Asset

Core Product, Eye Openers, Free Value and Continuity

5. Mastering The Disciplines

Strategy, Product, Offer, Marketing & Sales

6. Optimising Your Processes

Resources, Systems, Tools, Workflows & KPI's.


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Once you learn everything to run a successful fitness business, you can conquer anything

Your ability to thrive in a constantly changing environment is limited by how wide your perception of reality is. The more you know, the more you can adapt quickly, re-iterate, and re-define your business. We teach you everything you need to succeed in business today, tomorrow, in the future, no matter what battles you have to face. Here are just some of the areas you need to not only be across, but be great at:

Understanding The Fundamentals of Business

Most fitness professionals don't know how or why they should pick a niche, they can't articulate the problems they solve for their customers, they don't know where to look for opportunities, and they can't validate their product in the market.

Influence & Persuasion

Leaders have a deep understanding of psychology, influence and persuasion. They understand what drives human behaviour, emotional memory and how to hack your brains pre-sets for growth and productivity and change.

Product Development

Most fitness professionals rely on time-for-money services that don't scale well, and, are hard to sell. Great businesses learn how to productise their services and 'servicise' their products to maximise profit and scale. 

Traditional & Online Marketing

Marketing on social media, printing pamphlets and handing out business cards only scratches the surface of strategic advertising. Unless you know  how to write influential marketing ads that compel your audience to take action and, how to do that at scale with paid advertising, then you aren't properly marketing your fitness business.

Management & Employee Hiring

Most fitness professionals do not know how to hire effectively. They choose people 'like them', which reduces their ability to seek strategic employees who fill necessary blindspots in the owners skill-set. Instead of employing for unique skill sets, fitness professionals end up employing people 'just like them.'

Website and Funnel Design

Most fitness businesses outsource websites, or do it themselves without  optimising their website for leads and traffic generation. When your website isn't created with that as the main intent, it sits there idle, as an expensive, time-consuming business card.

Sales Structures & Systems

Most fitness professionals don't have a strategic sales structure to help convert clients who are a great fit for their business. Instead, they 'wing it', often leaving their prospects confused or no longer interested. Worse yet, they follow a high-pressure closing script that puts off prospects and uses coercion tactics to make the sale. Neither are effective in the long-term.

Scaling The Business

Good fitness business owners will reach their first ceiling after 2-3 years, where they are charging as much as they can for their time, and they are oversubscribed and lacking time. Most business owners at this level though, don't know how to break through that price ceiling and scale at breakneck speed with systems that reproduce the result at scale.

Learn the way that suits business owners best

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way works best for you -- via information, feedback, or both. The business accelerator is not uni-dimensional: it contains both educational and contact elements.

Online e-Learning Platform

Access our online training platform from any desktop or mobile device, anywhere in the world, at any time, forever. You have lifetime access. 

Business Resources

We ship you our Authority Planner, which helps you track your goal, KPI's and business metrics. It also serves as your day planner and is designed to keep you laser-focused on the needle-movers. You also get immediate access to our most valuable resources we use on a daily basis: financial tracking metrics, paid traffic management all the way to our sales scripts for maximising conversions. 

On-Demand Mentorship

Get personalised mentorship from Karl, the business brains behind Athletes Authority, who can troubleshoot your problems and provide direction for your fitness business. The course includes weekly Q&A calls, recordings, livestream sessions and 365 day support.

You're in good company

Since 2018, over 100 people around the world have used the ideas and systems in the Fitness Business Accelerator to win the war of business and change their life. Here is a handful of their stories.


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