The Emerging Strength Coach System is an 8-Module Mentorship for Strength Coaches, Physiotherapists and  Personal Trainers who want to accelerate their coaching career and go from good, to great. Learn and be mentored by Lachlan Wilmot, the High Performance Manager of the Parramatta Eels and previous Strength & Power coach of GWS Giants, in the interactive mentorship that will give you the coaching systems you need to succeed.

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Times Have Changed In The Fitness Industry

Being a good strength coach, physiotherapist, or personal trainer isn't enough if your goal is to make an impact, create opportunities and be recognised a leader in the industry one day. For that, you'll need three things:

To Be Remarkable At What You Do

Competition is fierce in the Fitness and S&C industries. Whether you're trying to stand out in your current facility or get noticed for the next job opportunity, learning how to differentiate yourself in a crowded market and create high demand for your coaching is a pre-requisite skill. It's the only alternative to hunting, chasing, and scavenging for every sale or opportunity and staying stuck on the hamster wheel.

A Valuable Mentor To Learn From

One of the biggest problems we see for emerging strength coaches is their lack of quality support and mentorship by a respected industry leader. Emerging strength coaches convince themselves they can learn on the fly by listening to podcasts or reading blogs, but unfortunately, they are missing the most important piece of the learning puzzle... mentorship by a coach who has proved themselves in the industry.

Learn The Systems For Complete Athletic Development

Most coaches, trainers and physiotherapists aren't shy of professional development. While this is valuable it's also problematic -- different ideas and systems often conflict with each other. In this mentorship, you learn the complete system of athlete development he has learned over 10 years in professional sport, at the highest level of competition.

Learn More About Our Curriculum With Our Interactive Quiz

Our Alumni are able to say yes to every question in this quiz. Find out how valuable the Mentorship will be for you when you take the 5-minute Emerging Strength Coach Diagnostic Quiz.

What Our Mentees Say About
The Emerging Strength Coach System

Sometimes the best testimonials are the ones which come naturally. Here are a few private messages we've received about the mentorship and the rest are screenshots of our students' thoughts on the Mentorship.

Why The High Performance Manager of the AFL Chose The ESCS For His Staff

Rob Jackson, the HPM of the AFL, wanted a proven system for his staff and subordinates to learn. Find out why he chose the ESCS Mentorship.


Watch a FULL Sample Module of the ESCS Mentorship

It's hard to know what you're going to get with online courses before you buy them. That's why we've included a full module found within the mentorship so you can know what to expect.

Here's What You'll Get With
The Emerging Strength Coach System

  1. Immediate & Unlimited Access To The E-Learning Platform. You'll have access to the full Emerging Strength Coach System that never expires. Whenever we update the information, you'll get access to it. No matter what changes in the industry, you'll stay up to date.

  2. 8 value-packed online learning modules. You'll get immediate access to all eight modules that you can start applying straight away. You can take a whole weekend to watch it all in one hit, or drip feed the information over time -- whatever works for you.
  3. Surround Yourself With A High Performance Community. Surrounding yourself with respected leaders in the industry will provide an immeasurable amount of opportunities over the course of your career. Whether it's to help get you an interview, or a coffee with someone you want to meet, the Emerging Strength Coach System Community will be a lifetime asset for you.
  4. Open Days to Athletes Authority. Once a month, we'll open up our training facility for you to come and watch, observe, and see our systems in action. Instead of having to suck-it-and-see on your own, you'll see all our systems in actions with real private-sector athletes of all sports and disciplines.
  5. Access to the Facebook Group. As part of your purchase, you'll get immediate access to a community of strength coaches who want the same thing as you - create better coaching systems so they can build a career they can love. This is where we share resources, links, and other readings.
  6. Monthly Case Studies. Each month, one of the Athletes Authority Team will do a deep dive on an athlete and how we program for them. Seeing how we problem solve for unique presentations will help you see how we apply theory into practice.
  7. Lifetime, 10% discount to all future courses, workshops and programs. All our students on completion receive a lifetime discount of 10%, as well as an opportunity to join our referral program. When you refer a friend, colleague or peer to our mentorship and they join, you'll receive a $100 cash payment from us. Simple and transparent (just the way we like it).

Pricing Options

We had one goal for this mentorship: deliver incredible value at the most affordable, accessible price possible. For less than $1000, you can get constant access to Lachlan Wilmot and the Emerging Strength Coach System so you can build a career you can be proud of. A small investment for a lifelong return.




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