The USP You'll Use For Everything

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018


Most coaches have no idea what a USP is. I don’t blame you, for most of my coaching career  I didn’t either. Your USP is your unique selling proposition – it’s what makes you different from the rest of the industry. Even though we know this is what every successful business, organisation and multi-national does, most coaches don’t allocate the time to do this exercise because they don’t know how. It’s time to change that.

Imagine not being able to explain why a seated chest press isn’t different to a seated row – to the layman they move along the same plane and look similar in execution. How would you feel as a coach or trainer trying to grow a business that thrives? What most people don’t realise is that your clients are wondering what makes you better than the 10 trainers that also use the same gym, and if you don’t know exactly what makes you different, then you’re in with a chance to...

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The 5 Things You're Doing That Will End Your Career Early

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018

The fitness industry has been lying to you. Your education system has been lying to you. And you’ve been lying to yourself.


I’m about to tell you why.


I want you to imagine for a second you’re in a large auditorium surrounded by fitness professionals. There are the guys and girls you recognise on Instagram; strength and conditioning coaches manically scribbling notes on a paper because that’s what they do; gym owners looking calm but stressed out of their brains, and you, amongst the rest of the fitness industry, who want to make a career from personal training and coaching. Right down the front is a keynote speaker; an industry leader who has been paid a tonne of cash to share his insights into world-class coaching and industry leadership.
In this full auditorium, they keynote speaker asks a simple question:
“Who wants to be considered a reliable source of advice, someone people can trust, and an authority on...

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