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Are You Stuck Because You're Failing To Think Strategically?

business fitness mba May 05, 2019


I like to provide a quick summary at the top of each lesson. That way, you can decide whether you want to invest 15 minutes of your time into fully comprehending it. If you don't, I can only hope that the 15 minutes is spent doing something life-changing because this is life-changing advice. 

  • Being strategic in your business starts with effective time management -- putting all your activities through a filter and delegating everything that isn't the 'best use' of your time.
  • Your time is your most valuable asset, but most people treat it as a cheap commodity.
  • Delegating doesn't need to be demeaning -- finding people who love to do what you don't, and paying them for it, could be really beneficial for them.
  • Schedule your activities using the Time Blocking concept so you have more freedom in your work day.
  • Working on your business, not in it isn't just a catchy phrase. It will allow you in time to be in a position where your business works harder for you than...
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Are You Stuck Trying To Do It All?

business fitness mba Apr 22, 2019


I like to provide a quick summary at the top of each lesson. That way, you can decide whether you want to invest 15 minutes of your time into fully comprehending it. If you don't, I can only hope that the 15 minutes is spent doing something life-changing because this is some life-changing advice. 

  • The most successful entrepreneurs will not be those who do it alone (DIY), but who do it with others (DIWO).
  • Until you break out of the mindset that you have to do everything yourself, your business won’t grow to anywhere near it’s potential.
  • Good leverage has a predictable ROI, bad leverage relies on hoping. Don’t take action blindly; choose leverage that offers a predictable ROI.
  • When DIWO, solve their needs first.
  • Don’t go into a proposal half-cocked; do your research first.
  • Optimise your existing systems first, then innovate later.
  • There are too many benefits to DIWO than I can list in short-form. At the bottom are 7 rapid-fire reasons to DIWO.


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Who What & Why -- What Comes First?


“The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.” – Peter Drucker


Quick Summary:

1. Most fitness businesses focus on the wrong things.

2. It costs them valuable, time, energy and money.

3. There is only one question that a fitness business owner should ask themselves first. You'll find that out, and, how to answer it, when you read the article ;) 


I still remembered when I started Athletes Authority.

I asked questions like:

What should I call my business name? 

What should be the tag line?

What should we tell people we do?


Almost everyone starts with 'what.'


And when you start with what, you're wasting your time.

What you should really be starting with, is WHO.


Think of it this way. 

Imagine if you wanted to write a letter.

You grab a pen and a piece of paper, and start by writing 'Dear ...'.

But, then you're stuck.

Before you...

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Do You Know Your Numbers, Coach?

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2018

Lesson 2: Know Your Numbers


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become when you achieve your goals.” — Zig Ziglar


When most people think about financial targets; they think about what their accountants speak about: P&L, Balance Sheets, Liabilities, Revenue and Net Profit for example.

That's all well and good, but, that's measuring the effects of your business efforts, not the cause. 

And that's problematic, because you're always observing the effect of your behaviour without being able to influence it. 

So, to spare you a lecture on the importance of the 'effect metrics' (because I'm sure you already know about it), I'm going to teach you about 'cause metrics'  so, you can actually do something about it.

Remember last week how we spoke about your Growth Levers -- leads, customers, frequency and value? Well, without knowing these cause metrics we're about to teach you,...

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Why Every Coach & Trainer Needs To Know Their Growth Levers

business coaches corner Jul 19, 2018


"Growth is never a result of mere chance; it is the result of forces working together" - James Cash Penny


The most important lesson we learned operating a successful athlete development facility was perhaps one of the most obvious ones:

To run your business, without knowing the numbers, is a recipe for inevitable disaster. 

 These numbers, which we call yout Growth Levers, are the four metrics that you must measure and control if you're ever going to feel like you're steering the ship. 

The alternative is easier, but it comes at a cost.

Without you at the helm of the ship, you are a puppet of nature and will blow in the wind.

And that frustration and uncertainty are at least some of the reason why you're here in the first place, right?

The reason we know the struggles of a small business is because we are one. 

Now, not by a lot of people's standards; but, we're certainly not big business, and we're definitely not so big that we've...

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The Unfortunate State Of The Industry

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018





Almost every trainer or strength coach who begins their journey in the coaching industry starts off a little delusional. We envision a wonderful fantasy where we get to work with elite athletes, ‘self-motivated individuals’ and high performance teams. We picture ourselves coaching athletes as they move big weights in the gym, perform advanced plyometric drills, and effortlessly move through change-of-direction drills on field. We see ourselves getting patted on the back for our great programming, and when our team or athlete wins the trophy, we are validated. We’re living the dream.

I remember being thrust into the actual reality when I decided to become a strength coach. The rose coloured glasses were gone and the reality I saw looked very different. I felt like I was in a mosh pit – unheard, unnoticed, and stuck amongst all the...

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The Art Of Selling Without Selling

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018

Selling is the bane of almost every coaches existence. As a coach myself, it’s given me anxiety, panic attacks, and has resulted in me speaking many different languages – all of which seem like gibberish the moment that client walks away and says, “Great, I’ll think about it.”

I’d shake my head and say “what the f*ck just came out of my mouth – why didn’t I just say the goddamn price!” Or, “why did I just discount myself by 40% in that moment – what the f*ck happened there?”

The moment it gets to talking about making the sale – confidence is thrown out the window, and we try and work our way around the topic of cost and commitment for as long as possible. When we finally have to address it, we babble, discount, offer unique special offers, tell them to pay us next time or whatever avoidance strategy seems right in the moment. It’s like we immerse ourselves in the Harry Potter story where we...

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The Science Of Habit Formation

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018



Take a second to imagine this: You’ve got a new client, and he is frustrated that he keeps making the same poor choices over and over again. You identify that most of these decisions are actually habits – smoking, drinking, snacking at night and skipping sessions.

You’re inundated with potential strategies to help – and you might even refer out to a behavioural psychologist because it’s not your area of expertise. You’re overwhelmed, he’s overwhelmed, and even trying to get him to buy in to a new routine of regular exercise is a constant joust of willpower vs habit. Some days his willpower wins, other days his habits do.

Before you’ve even got a fleeting chance of helping this client (or anyone like him who needs to make change), you need to understand the science of habit formation

Habits form out of necessity. If your brain were to divert...

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The Excuse Loop

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018



Picture this..

It’s Monday morning, 6am. Your client rolls in, and you’ve got a foam roller in hand ready for her. It’s routine for you to touch base on Monday’s with a slightly longer warm up, and see how the last week of training has gone. It’s then custom to weigh in and do her girths before you get amongst a new week of training.


This morning is different.


“I had a terrible weekend. My car broke down before lunch, so I had to eat food from the service station – a nut bar and a packet of chips. Then, my kids left the house in a mess, so I didn’t get to training. I then had that dinner party on Saturday night and they served such rich food and wine. By Sunday I was wrecked and sat on...

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The Journey Of The 1%

the coaches corner Mar 17, 2018

When we become a coach and start our own business, we envision a business where we grow – we become wiser, more expert, have a wider client base, and add more value. The growth we experience also comes with change – the structures and systems, to the organisational hierarchy, and to the hats we wear in the business. In reality however, the majority of coaches don’t run their business this way, despite wanting to be a coach who is perceived as remarkable.  In most cases, the business operates to bias the owners desires, not the needs of the business. The coach as the owner operator of his own business doesn’t want change – he wants to be his own boss, do what he loves to do, run his own ship, and make his own decisions. This framework does not lend well to organisational change, and thus, it doesn’t take long for the business to bottleneck.

But before we discuss the journey of the 1%,, it’s important to understand the key phases...

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