Our Post-Qualification mentorship programs are for Strength Coaches, Personal Trainers and Allied Health Professionals who want to accelerate their coaching career and become an industry leader. Learn from Lachlan Wilmot, the High Performance Manager of the Parramatta Eels, and Karl Goodman, the founder of Athletes Authority, in the most comprehensive, post-qualification coaching and business mentorships in Australia. 

Times Have Changed In The Fitness Industry

Just Being A Good Coach, Trainer of Physiotherapist Isn't Enough If You Want To Create A Career You Can Love. To stand out, get noticed, and make an impact, you need to:

Be Remarkable At What You Do

Competition is fierce in the Fitness Industry. Whether you're trying to stand out in your current facility or get noticed for the next job opportunity, becoming an expert technician and learning how to differentiate yourself is a pre-requisite of coaching success. The alternative is a lot worse: at some stage, your lack of coaching expertise gets found out and your reputation is tarnished.

Build Influence & Social Capital

Influence starts by growing social capital within the industry. Sharing your insights and providing value underpins the success of all industry leaders. Providing preeminent value will help you forge strategic alliances that take your brand to the next level.

Avoid The Time For Money Trade

For most coaches and trainers, if you don't turn up, you don't get paid, which means that you're always tied to working in your business. Learning how to turn your skills into a leveraged service where you can maximise financial return will help you reach more people and have a bigger impact.

Our Post-Qualification Mentorships

Choose from the Emerging Strength Coach System & The Business Accelerator to help fast-track your career toward industry leadership.

Emerging Strength Coach System

The Emerging Strength Coach System is an 8-Module Mentorship designed for emerging strength coaches to accelerate their coaching career and go from good, to great. Learn and be mentored by Lachlan Wilmot, the High Performance Manager of the Parramatta Eels and previous Strength & Power coach of GWS Giants, in the interactive mentorship that will give you the coaching systems you need to succeed. With fortnightly live QnA's with Lachlan, hours of video lectures, assessments and our most valuable resources, this is one of the most affordable and comprehensive foundational mentorships available. If you're looking for a comprehensive coaching system, you can find out more by clicking below.

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The Fitness Business Accelerator

The Fitness Business Accelerator is for established Personal Trainers, Strength Coaches and Gym Owners who need help creating a profitable and sustainable business. Learn and be mentored by Karl Goodman, the business brains behind Athletes Authority, who breaks down business into individual building blocks, and helps you arrange them for success.  This program is for coaches who want to create a career that pays well and allows them to do more of what they love on a flexible, self-paced learning schedule. With over 100 hours of course content, comprehensive learning materials, and weekly QnA's, this is one of the only business mentorships that gives you every tool you need to succeed.

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What other coaches say about us

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Our Free Resources

Want to get an insight into what our mentorships are like? We've put together some free resources for you, to help you get an insight into what to expect:

Fitness MBA

Join the business growth program for fitness professionals that helps them create a career they can love by applying the 5 cardinal laws of business: value creation, marketing, sales, service delivery and financial management.

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The Mobility Mini-Course

The 2-hour mini-course will provide you with a strong understanding of the mobility and stability system Lachlan uses at Athletes Authority and in professional sport.

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Sales Training

This 75 minute free training takes a sneak-peek into the sales structure that Karl teaches to help close and convert leads into clients. This is one of forty videos found within the Fitness Business Accelerator.

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Our vision is to see a world of athletes and coaches thrive in an overcrowded industry filled with misinformation. Our mission is to help our people get the knowledge, education and support they need to continue to do what they love. By joining us, you become part of the movement which says that athletes and coaches deserve a gym that is built for them.


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